Anagram Turbo

Find each word as you battle your way through a rush of anagrams!


WELCOME to the fast paced world of Anagram Turbo! Twist, jumble, mix, and unscramble your way through a stream of anagrams one word at a time. The faster you solve them, the more time you get and the higher your score. PLAY NOW!

Stuck on an anagram? No problem. The continuous hinting system will lock a letter of the mystery word into place every few seconds so you won't be stuck for long. DOWNLOAD NOW!

Look at the anagram and unscramble it into the mystery word. Jumble, twist, mix and twirl the letters to open up new word possibilities in your mind. GIVE IT A TRY!

* Turbo Mode: This mode starts you with a time of 60 seconds. When you successfully spell the word from the anagram, you get bonus time and score based on how many letters you found. The faster you find the word in the anagram, the more time you get. Remember though, any letter locked in to place because of the hinting system will not give you bonus time.

* Time Trial: This mode starts you with a longer timer than turbo mode. When you spell the word from the anagram, you get 1 score and NO bonus time. How many words can you find before the time expires?

Each game mode can be played in 9 different flavors that vary in difficulty. Adults and children will find the challenge that's right for them!

* Classic - this flavor starts you with 3 letter anagrams. As you find each word in each anagram the length increases until reaching a maximum length of 8 letters.

* 3 - 8 letters - these flavors will only give you anagrams of the selected word length: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8.

Try to earn 3 out of 3 stars for each game mode and each flavor! Are you fast enough to win them all? Put your brain to the test!