Beautify your photos for pocket scrapbooking and photo journaling!


Beautify your photos for pocket scrapbooking and photo journaling! Get started for FREE!

Easily decorate your cell phone photo snaps for your pocket scrapbook system, such as Project Life™. Pocket scrapbooking and photo journaling is the ultra-simple solution to documenting your life without spending countless hours and $$ on a physical scrapbook. Now you can decorate your photos for your pocket scrapbook without ever touching photoshop, scrapbook papers, glue, or scissors!

I've also created hundreds of unique borders, frames, embellishments, and stickers, as well as kits to correspond in style and color to your Project Life™ kits.

Each kit also includes journaling cards that you can print to any size for your pocket scrapbooking system.

1) Pick a photo from your phone's library or take a photo from within the app
2) Choose the aspect ratio you'd like your decorated photo to print out as (no surprise cropping when you print out your photos!)
3) Add a border and/or embellishments from our library of hundreds of cute graphics
4) Save your newly decorated photo to your phone!

From there you can export your beautified photos to a printer (such as Persnickety Prints, LifePics, Walgreens), upload to your Project Life™ Digital scrapbook, export to the Project Life™ app, post to Instagram, and so on!

I've always loved Project Life™ scrapbooking, but I wanted the photos to be more cohesive with my journaling cards, instead of just sitting unrelated next to them. So I created hundreds of borders and embellishments to use on my photos in my own Project Life™ album and wanted to share them with other scrapbookers. Get started for FREE!

Enjoy your beautified photos and please feel free to contact me with new kit requests and print suggestions! Now go get snapbooking :)

Please note that this app is in no way created by or endorsed by Project Life™ and "Project Life" is a registered trademark of Becky Higgins, LLC.