War of the Sexes

War of the Sexes is a picture and word puzzle game with 175 levels of fun!


How well do you fall into gender stereotypes? This game has 2 puzzle sets - one that will be more difficult for boys and one that will be more difficult for girls. What's the name of that car component? What type of shoes are those? See how well you stack up - PLAY NOW FOR FREE!

If your a guy, how well can you identify a cooking utensil, a makeup instrument, or a pattern type?
If your a girl, how well can you identify a piece of sporting equipment, heavy machinery, or a tool?

See how much you REALLY know!

This picture and word puzzle game puts the power of hints right into your hands for FREE.

Do you have what it takes to win the game? Will you be able to guess all the words for both puzzle sets? Levels vary from easy to difficult and will be sure to keep your brain engaged all the way through.

Give your eyes a break with our simple, modern design.

To make a guess, tap the letters to spell the word. If you guess incorrectly or make a spelling mistake, you can tap the word to remove a letter.
You will receive gems for solving a level for the first time. Gems are spent on using hints, which is covered next.

Hints can help you figure out the mystery word. There are two types of hints: reveal, and bomb.

The REVEAL hint will lock in a single correct letter in the mystery word. If you have enough gems, you can continue to use this hint until all but one letter of the mystery word are locked in.

The BOMB hint will remove all incorrect letters from the 18 letter choices.